About Accesa Labs

It was only when we started offering walk-in medical care to patients at a medical clinic that our team realized just how many people needed access to affordable lab testing. Since 2009, the team at Accesa Labs has been delighted to be able to offer testing services to help our customers get lab testing and achieve personal health and/or professional goals.

Management Team

Chirag Shah, MD


Through caring for thousands of patients as an Emergency Medicine physican, Chirag has seen the inefficiency of the US healthcare system firsthand. He is grateful for being able to improve the healthcare system as an entrepeneur and empower others to do the same. He received his MD from Yale University, his MBA with High Distinction (Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School and his BA from Stanford University. He completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician.

Matthew Williamson


Whether managing the US Government's largest privatization, merging industrial giants Alcoa and Reynolds Metals, or helping defense companies go public after 9/11, Matthew enjoys being involved in important industries with big challenges. He feels that he had shunned healthcare for years after growing up as a pathologist's son and hospital administrator's grandson. The tide definitely turned when he married an ER doctor and teamed up with Chirag to start Accesa Health and Accesa Labs. Matthew holds a BA from Rice University. When not chasing around his three young children, he can be found at a local CrossFit box or chipping golf balls around his yard.

Steven Bull

Software Wizard

Steven has been building web apps and internet startups since Web 1.0. After earning Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Engineering from MIT, he worked on developing applications at Oracle. Since then, he has been the primary technologist at several startups and most recently was co-founder and CTO at Twenty20 (formerly Instacanvas). Straying from the rest of his family members who work in health care (dentist, chiropractor, physical therapist, nurse, administrator), Steven has had a passion for programming since he was first introduced to BASIC on an Apple IIe in grade school.

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